Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ayam Beg!

Hello everyone , this Blog just went dead since 2012 , I had some medical problems regarding my eyes and I am now so much better.
There are some interesting news that has been circulating in town lately regarding OCM, Apparently sometimes in June OCM is going to have their Annual General meeting and and an insider told me that they expect to see some changes in their line up. Whatever I think it is time those who has reached their expired shelf life should step down and allow new people to take over .
This is also to inform you that MYDF is still not a member of OCM because according to OCM , MDSB is already their member.Well we cannot deal with that issue too much , we shall leave it to the new Sports Commissioner to tackle this issue.
.I am sorry for the long hiatus and I was gently reminded that my Blog is gathering cob web, there are interesting features in Blogger that I intend to learn and hope to bring more short interesting news to you soon. Apologies , I am much better now.

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