Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 Hong Kong Grand Slam 11/12 May 2013

This report is not about the Grand Slam in Hong Kong that was held on the 12 th and 13th of May 2013. However this report is about one of our Malaysian couple that took part in the Grand Slam but more important their performance at the Asia Closed Latin event held on the 12th of May 2013. The couple I am referring to is Malaysia top Latin American couple Chua Zjen Fong & Evon Chong.Both Chua and Evon have different dancing back ground, Chua was a Wushu exponent who trade his sword and stick for the dance artistry and music of Latin American dances. Evon as I recall have always been a serious and dedicated dancer. A couple of years ago both Chua and Evon decided to leave Malaysia and enrolled in a top dance school in China to hone their skills in Guangzhou. They learned under many international European coaches and top Chinese coaches. Today they have a studio of their own and have a strong following where they freely share their knowledge with their students. If you have the skill and ready to learn the finer points of Latin dancing , they are more than prepared to impart their knowledge to you. Latin Dancing is not static , one have to keep up with the latest trend and Chua and Evon still keep in touch  by taking lessons from any good coaches that comes their way.  So what is so great for me to Blog on this couple apart from the fact that they are the top Latin couple in Malaysia? The answer is their performance recently at the Asia Closed Latin.  In Asia the power house in Latin American are China , South Korea and Japan. In this event 10 Asian countries took part with 27 couples in contention. Chua and Evon not only made it to the finals but came out 4th place. Never in the history of Malaysian Dancesport has any couple ever made it to the finals and he miss just 1 place to win a medal. We have sceptics that says perhaps the judges may not be that fair , but let me tell you this the judges that marked this event are the Grand slam judges and they are from Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong , Netherlands , Russia , South Korea , Thailand , China and Malaysia. To Chua and Evon Malaysia acknowledge your achievement and MYDF congratulate you for your sterling performance.
           Below are Chua and Evon with their students who did fairly well in the Latin American event.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ayam Beg!

Hello everyone , this Blog just went dead since 2012 , I had some medical problems regarding my eyes and I am now so much better.
There are some interesting news that has been circulating in town lately regarding OCM, Apparently sometimes in June OCM is going to have their Annual General meeting and and an insider told me that they expect to see some changes in their line up. Whatever I think it is time those who has reached their expired shelf life should step down and allow new people to take over .
This is also to inform you that MYDF is still not a member of OCM because according to OCM , MDSB is already their member.Well we cannot deal with that issue too much , we shall leave it to the new Sports Commissioner to tackle this issue.
.I am sorry for the long hiatus and I was gently reminded that my Blog is gathering cob web, there are interesting features in Blogger that I intend to learn and hope to bring more short interesting news to you soon. Apologies , I am much better now.