Thursday, June 7, 2012

Evidence (Amendment) (No.2) Act 2012

Dear all,

In the light of the new amendments of the Evidence Act 2012 , it will affect all Bloggers and internet users. The Law basically state that if you were to post on the Blog defamatory of say Mr. A, I the Blog owner is responsible for the postiong although it is your views. If you were to post something defamatory on your friend's iPhone or iPad , the owner of the iPad is responsible for such posting although the owner of the iPad is not the maker of the Statement.
As such I will have to verify your posting and it will not be an open posting. I am sorry I am always in support of freedom of speech and expression within limits.    

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Anonymous said...

We need to fight this law instead of succumb to its injustice.

sign the petition:
find out more:
watch, embed, share:
make it known: #stop114a

- siew eng