Monday, December 26, 2011

MYDF Final Ranking Championships 2010/2011

The Malaysian Dancesport Federation (MYDF) had their final Grade A ranking in Muar on the 23rd of December 2011. It was a happy event and the results to determine Malaysia Best Dancesport athletes for the Grade A Latin American and Standard will be decided at this final competition.
The 2 Grade A trophies are as appearing in the picture on the Left. The one on the left is the Standard and the one on the right is the the Latin American. Both the trophies were donated by the then Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports  Dato Wee Jeck Seng who personally donated his own personal funds to the then MPDC, now MYDF. MYDF came about 2 years ago when we were asked to change the name to reflect that the organisation will be managing both the Professional and Amateur event in Dancesport.
The Latin American section of the ranking series encountered some minor problems to some, but to MYDF , it is a serious breach of misconduct. It short the 1st Winner refused to return the Challenge Trophy to be given at the 2nd Malaysian Dancesport Federation Ranking to the Winner. I shall not go into the reasons but whatever reasons it may be, they do not understand the meaning of challenge trophy but decided to keep it as their own.
Be that as it may this incident serves as a lessons to all our MYDF dancesport athletes. Certainly it is nice to win and better still if you can be crowned the Champion and lift the Challenge trophy to acknowledge your ability. A challenge trophy means exactly that, you do not keep it permanently unless you are able to prove your worth by defending your Championship status in three championship.
As sportsmen we in MYDF expect a degree of honesty and integrity in our athletes, we do not want dishonest sportsmen in our organisation. What is the point of keeping the trophy when you live under a delusion that you are the best in Malaysia when in fact you cover you head in shame in keeping something that you ill deserve. It is not only shameful it is just plain dishonest. MYDF may be able to forgive such behavior but we will NOT FORGET.
The true champion in this season Championship is Chua Czen Fong and Evon Chong. They won two out of the three (3) Competitions. As Sports Director I regret and I apologise to this couple that we were not able to pass the challenge trophy to them at the 2nd Championship. However as a responsible organisation MYDF have to honour the contribution by the then Deputy Sports Minister YB Dato Wee Jeck Seng in getting another Latin American Challenge trophy done up.
As the National Sports Association (NSA) for Dancesport we are glad and proud to have such sporting couple to be a Champion. They are going to be the mentor to the younger couples in dancesport and I have spoken to Czen Fong on the values of good sportsmanship, honesty and integrity as a top athlete in Dancesport in Malaysia.
Czen Fong and Evon has dedicated their life in Dancesport, so dedicated are they that they left the shores of Malaysia to register themselves in a dance school in China that specialises in training Dancesport athletes. Their passion in dance and their dedication can be seen by their perseverance. Their results in the Asia Pacific competition are testimony for all to see.
What is store for our top couple? Well certainly they will represent Malaysia in all games that have dancesport and hopefully they can represent the country at the World Games and other Olympic Family Games.
Congratulation to both Czen Fong and Evon and again MYDF wish you well and personally as Sports Director I am very proud of your achievement . Yes Chua , you did ask me whether you can keep the trophy. I reconfirm that you can keep the trophy permanently for you are the over all Champion for the 2010/2011 Latin American Grade A Dancesport.
Look out for 2012/ 2013 I see many lean and hungry looks who are all out to not let you have an easy season. May the better couple wins.            


Ahkow said...

Ha Ha Ha , that chow kar couple still want to keep the trophy.They really no shame at all. So the winner of the So you think you cancheat go to them. Phui!

skydancer4 said...

Akkow your observation is correct. CHua and Evon are our MYDF champion. We in MYDF do not want cheat and unsportsman like behaviour in our organisation.