Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ballroom Dancing reputation redeemed

When we do not know the person  we can write and give our opinion freely. I was told that the announcement has been made on the 21st of October 2011. The person involved is a person whom I am acquainted with. It is too painful for me to even mention his name but if you care to visit MDA  web site at at the news section it is all there. If you are unable to view it, I was told that you may have to disable cookies (whatever it means).  
A lot has been spoken in my Blog about Dr. Henry Ooi (pic) the President of Malaysian Dancers Association (MDA) however in this case I have to commend him for acting swiftly to restore the good name of Ballroom Dancing in Malaysia. Let me make one thing amply clear, MYDF and MDA may be promoting and looking at Ballroom dancing or Dancesport from different perspective. I personally have not even met the man before and never had the pleasure of being introduced to him, however his action has restored the name of Ballroom Dancing in Malaysia.
From what little bit I hear, I was given to under stand that a show cause letter was sent and the person concern did not turn up to state his position save that his explanation by facsimile and email was sufficient. Apparently the explanation is insufficient, a Disciplinary Committee of MDA was convened to investigate in the matter. The person concerned was again invited to appear before the committee to state his case, unfortunately he did not bother to turn up and further he did not even inform the committee that he will not be attending the meeting.
The Disciplinary Committee apparently must have sifted through the letters and documents before them, I believe there were about 10 disciplinary members. By a unanimous vote, the disciplinary committee came to the unfortunate decision to recommend his expulsion. The recommendation apparently were given to the General Committee of MDA (I think 15 of them) to make a final decision and again by a unanimous vote they affirmed the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.
What I was being told, that the President of MDA Dato Dr. Henry Ooi did not participate in the voting process but allowed the committee to decide independently, that I felt was a noble thing to do. Many questions were fielded and the General Committee were even given a lengthy coffee break to digest the matter. The rest as they say is history.
What took me by surprise me in this case was the fact that the decision is unanimous. No one spoke or mitigated for him? I think you the readers can come to your own conclusion as to the reason.
Perhaps one day I will have the pleasure to meet Dato Dr. Henry Ooi and as the Sports Director of MYDF, I say thank you Dato for clearing the name of DanceSport or Ballroom Dancing in Malaysia. On such matters regarding honesty, integrity and sportsmanship, we in MYDF hold such value sacred. I am glad that MDA also hopefully share such views, and athletes or adjudicators that cheat, conduct dishonest act and behaves in unsporting manner do beware. 
Now you may ask why I refuse to mention his name or do I fear I will be sued for defamation. No the news is already in MDA web page, I know and you know who it is, so what is the point of rubbing salt in open wound?
I know this man and I had the opportunity to work with him in several championships in the early days. He was never my enemy and if I chance upon him on the street, I will be glad to have a cup of coffee with him. This story is still not at an end, he still can appeal to the General Assembly of Members. On this note I wish him well and good luck.