Friday, October 14, 2011

Thunders are Rumbling at Jalan York

These are all rumours and I get to hear all sort of rumours all the times, some are far fetch but many are worthy of further investigations.This information came from up North. There will be a high level meeting of all the top guns in the Malaysia Dancers Association soon. The rumours further went on to say that it has something to do with the Star Metro (Central Region) report regarding some International Dance Competition and the charity referred to in the news. (See my recent Blog postings).
However I also heard rumours that the organisers of that International Dance Competition has settled with the said charity and that everything is fine.
 So what is this big gathering at the headquaters of MDA. Perhaps the meeting is to clear the air that what was reported in the Star Metro are all untrue. Perhaps MDA are now coming out to stand by their member and make a statement to the press.
Whatever, I do hope MDA comes out strong and courageous to make a statement to clear the air so that the name of Malaysian Dancesport is free from this scandal. If indeed this is the case, then I commend Malaysia Dancers Association of clearing the air.
There are also rumours circulating that MDA has been directed to act on the matter at the instructions of World Dance Council.
I know that there are many readers from MDA who visit this Blog, perhaps you care to comment and confirm the truth of the rumours. In Malaysia , rumours are always 90% true!
We shall wait for the development.

p.s. The location of MDA headquaters is at Jalan York.