Friday, August 5, 2011

ISTD now in cahoots with BDC ?

I was always under the impression that the Imperial Society  Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is an apolitical body. Notwithstanding the fact that they are based in England. But of late I believe and I may be wrong, ISTD seems to lean towards the policy of the British Dance Council (BDC). One such example is the British Dance Council Dress Code?
The ISTD just celebrated their 107 anniversary and they are very popular in Asia and has established themselves as a reliable examination body in this part of the world. With the conflict between WDSF and WDC and BDC, certainly siding either party will not be taken too kindly by the warring factions in Asia. They may even lose out their market share in this Dance examination business.
It would be good if the ISTD can come out and state whether they are an apolitical body or do they subscribe to the policies of the BDC, notwithstanding they are members of BDC.
Would the ISTD care to come out with a statement on their stand.

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