Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lookin Good!

Looking Good! 21/06/2011

IDSF AdjudicatorIt was not the athletes' attire that was the focus of lengthy discussions during the 2011 General Meeting. The second part of the motion presented by the Presidium - addressing a uniform dress code for Adjudicators in major competitions - was subject to debate.
The Presidium had made its proposal to promote a strict policy that at all IDSF Championships, Cups and Grand Slams, IDSF Adjudicators serve as a team and as representatives of IDSF.
And it had also reasoned that IDSF should promote this policy in order to direct all attention to the athletes in the competition rather than to the adjudicators.
The amended text of Rule 12 - which was approved by the required majority of the 2011 IDSF General Meeting - now reads as follows.
 Competition Dress 
IDSF Adjudicator1. In all competitions granted under these Rules, competitors shall dress or costume according to the IDSF Dress Regulations, which form a part of these Rules.  For greater certainty and without limiting the generality of this Rule, in all age divisions the buttocks of the female partners must be covered at all times during competition and “tangas” may not be worn at any time. The chairman, or the IDSF Sports Director, has the right to disqualify any couple at the competition when either partner is not dressed or costumed according to this Rule, and in addition to its other powers under the IDSF Statutes the Presidium is authorized to suspend from competitions for a limited period of time any competitor who breaks this Rule.
2. In all IDSF Championships, Cups and Grand Slams granted under these Rules, adjudicators serve as a team and shall dress or costume as follows: 
(a) men:  black or midnight-blue business suit,  dress shirt, IDSF necktie, dress shoes;  and
(b) women:  black or midnight-blue business suit with either skirt or trousers, dress blouse, IDSF scarf, dress shoes.
Over the coming days, we will continue to report on the outcome of the 2011 IDSF (and WDSF) General Meeting. All amendments that were made to the Competition Rules will be presented with a short text. Come back soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Luxembourg AGM IDSF changed to World DanceSport Federation

World DanceSport Federation 19/06/2011

WDSM © Guy Simon

Live from Luxembourg!

19 June 2011, 16:30 GMT

Under the agenda item 21.18, the IDSF General Meeting here in Mamer, LUX, has just carried a motion presented by the Presidium to change to name of the organisation to World DanceSport Federation (WDSF).
Consistent with the aims of the VISION 2012 development programme, the governing body will henceforth carry "World" in its name to emphasise the global character of DanceSport even further. The visual identity of WDSF will bear strong resemblance to the one of IDSF. Graphic files and a complete style guide will be available form the Corporate Identity section of this website in the near future.
One new and two old Associate Members have been (re)admitted to WDSF under new Associate Membership Agreements. The bonds between the
  • World Rock 'n' Roll Confederation
  • United Country and Western Dance Council
  • World Baton Twirling Federation
and WDSF have thus been strengthened further. Already in tomorrow's meeting of the WDSF Presidium, one representative of each Associate Member will be present.

The above is extracted from the IDSF web site. This is good news to all other Dance Body. I apologise for not updating this Blog. On the 1st of July I will be Chengdu China to cover the IDSF Grand Slam there. I will try my best to update you as to what is happening and especially the Dance scene in Chengdu. 
Chengdu is a historical city and according to the China Daily , their local papers, it is the 4th livable city in China. The Giant Pandas that you so ofter see featured in National Geographic is in not too far from Chengdu City       

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crystal Palace Cup 2011

I don’t know what makes a good competition. 
To us, it is that special moment somewhere in the middle of the event, when the house is full and the dancers are on the floor, when the lights and the music make a special mix, when everything comes together and has a life of its own.
That’s what Crystal Palace Cup feels like every year.  From the start, the idea for this event came from the conviction that no matter if you win, or just dance a couple of rounds, the feeling should be special.  This year was no exception. 
Opposite Houses of Parliament, on the bank of the river Thames the new Park Plaza venue welcomed eager competitors and discerning adjudicators from 11am.   With the arrival of the PDAs for the first time in England, immediate calculations were delivered by the scrutineering team.
From the first round the couples felt great.  The venue, the floor, great music, lighting made dancers give their best.   Audience always knows when couples are stressed, or going through the motions, or when they are having the time of their lives.
The day started with Latin events, including Under 21 convincingly won by Nikolay Mikadze & Yana Novikova from Russia.  Their Under 21 Standard counterparts were Dominykas Grankas & Kotryna Petrociute (Lithuania).
Evening performance saw a full house, with tables sold out and tiered seating full of cheering fans. The Germans Tasillo & Sabine Lax deservingly dominated Senior 1 Standard category.
IDSF International Open titles truly lived up to the name, both in Standard & Latin, with participants from 28 countries taking part.
Outstanding performances from Nikita Brovko & Anastasia Melnikova (Russia) brought them a well-deserved first position.  While Standard was won by Benedetto Ferrugia & Claudia Kohler, who danced an absolute blinder of a competition, leaving the audience in no doubt why the World Championship title belongs to them and no-one else.
As far as Nick & Olga are concerned, it has always been our motto to go forward, to create, to stay positive, to love what you do, make no excuses and take no prisoners.
What a night that was!
The above  is a narration by Olga. In the group picture of the Latin Segment ( L-R) Marco Sietas (IDSF Sports Director); Nick, Kremenchenski,  Carlos Frietag (IDSF President) and Olga. 
You can get the full results from the IDSF web site, but the most unfortunate part of this whole sordid affair is that there are no English Dancers in the line up. Partially it is the unlawful boycott called by BDC. But I suspect the main reason is the fear of being mark down at Blackpool, that is the following weekend. 
Now who have lost out? Certainly not Nick & Olga, but Dancesport in England.