Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crystal Cup Competition 2011 - You are not alone!

The hostile attitude by BDC came to the attention of the IDSF.  IDSF took the initiative to civilly explain to the BDC, the Crystal Cup Dancesport Competition 2011 is not an illegal event. I do not know what good it will do because BDC is no longer a rational body to discuss matters civilly.
All the same the show must go on and I truly wish that all rational English Dancesport athletes to seriously consider the acts of BDC.
The Crystal Cup Competition have its supporters through out the world. They are not alone in promoting Dancesport as a sporting event. The IDSF letter to BDC is enclosed hereunder. I do not know what the future is going to be, this matter will be debated at the coming IDSF AGM in Luxembourg. Action will have to be taken and if this is the attitude of BDC so be it. You reap what you sow.
With the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine just around the corner, I hope you do not consider it in bad taste for me to borrow a quote by King George the VI* made to the English people in September 1940. I am going to substitute certain words to bring this quote relevant to the acts of the BDC. Perhaps it is an exaggeration of the situation but in essence the effect is the same.

*"Like so many of our people, we have now had a personal experience of BDC stupidity which only strengthens the resolution of all of us to fight through to final victory."

On behalf of MYDF, I do wish the Royal Couple a Blissful wedding and to the wonderful British people for keeping this Historical Institution alive today. A Happy Holiday and God Bless!   




Sunday, April 17, 2011

BDC abuses Rule 57 to mislead its members

It is never my intention to interfere into the acts or omissions of BDC or for that matter any dance organisation. Is that not what Freedom is all about, you go about doing your things and I be allowed to do mine. However your right to Freedom and to disseminate information even to your members must be met with the test of HONESTY and TRUTH. You cannot breach your own rules. In this context I am referring to the Rulebook of the British Dance Council. Let me get to the point.

By a notice dated the 8th of April 2011 posted on the BDC website. The BDC has called upon "All British Dance Council Registered Ballroom and Latin Adjudicators, Professional and Amateur Competitors" to the attention of unrecognized events and Rule 57 of the BDC Rulebook was quoted. The notice is reproduced hereunder. The intention of the notification is calling all its members to boycott the Crystal Palace Cup 2011.
Let’s pause and take a look at Rule 57 relied by the BDC to justify their acts. The heading of Rule 57 states “Unrecognised Events Medal Test and Examinations”. The Rule if I may paraphrase refers to qualified teachers who participates in any capacity at a championship not recognized by the Council… …shall be subject to disciplinary action.
I cannot find the definition of “a qualified teacher” in the Rule Book but I am daring enough to venture that an Adjudicator's duty in a Championship is different from that of a teacher. Does Rule 57 encompass competitors both professional and amateur? You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Of course it does not cover competitors and don’t you think the brilliant Councilors of BDC knows that?

That notification dated the 8th of April 2011, to put it mildly, is a misrepresentation with an intention to mislead its own members that disciplinary action will befall on them should they participate in the said competition.

The notification to its members threatening sanctions is wrong for Section 57 is so clear that it does not cover adjudicators and competitors at all. The effect of the notification simply put is null and void. The notification have no force whatsoever to the competitors and adjudicators and can be challenged.
Now let’s not go into the debate on Freedom To Dance, you know that it is a myth. You know there is no Freedom in BDC.
I am not asking you to rush to join the Crystal Cup Dancesport Championship, because some of you may have some misgivings for reasons best known to you. However if you are not joining the competition for fear of sanctions under Rule 57, I say your fears are totally unfounded.
I am asking you the competitors and adjudicators of the British Dance Council to carefully consider whether this accusation made here against the BDC for misrepresenting to its members is totally unfounded and without substance. Certainly many of you are loyal to BDC, but must loyalty be blind? Are you saying that you are not allowed to question the decisions of the BDC?
You should ask Bryan Allen for an explanation why is there a need to lead the members up the garden path. Why is there a need to resort to such desperate act? Such conduct only shows fear when in fact there is really nothing to fear except fear itself!

Quote: "The Mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is Open"
Picture: Mr. Bryan Allen, President of BDC 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BDC- Be a Sport!

Below is a reply from a gentleman from the United Kingdom by the name of Edward Burns. I do not know him. I wrote to him seeking his permission to reproduce his mail on my Blog, he gave me the permission. I chose his letter, because it sums up the sentiments of most right thinking English Dancers towards Snieguole Wood's outburst and the hostile conduct of BDC towards Crystal Palace Cup organisers and IDSF.
I have gone through the Rulebook of the British Dance Council (hereinafter referred to as BDC) and really I cannot comprehend why they are so hostile towards IDSF competition being conducted in Great Britain. My conjecture is probably they feel a threat of another dance body allegedly invading their turf.
Suffice for me to state here that the BDC rules operates in Great Britain (Rule 1b.) .
To allay their fears they should consider this.
 IDSF is an international sports body representing Dancesport. They are recognised by the International Olympic Committee ( IOC) and are also a member of Sports Accord. Their effort to make Dancesport as an Olympic Sport will benefit all Dancers, Teachers and Coaches in Great Britain including the BDC and all those involved in the Dancesport industry. The amateur body EADA (now known as "Dancesport England") among other reasons saw it coming. They have to leave BDC because to get into the Olympic stream they have to follow the IDSF statutes and rules. When you are given Hobson's choice by BDC, what do you expect them to do? It is our  way or no way attitude is  unsporting and ungentlemanly.  EADA left BDC early this year. (Edwards Burns example of FIFA sums it all up).
BDC must look beyond the shores of the Island of Great Britain*, Dancesport has gone international and not the exclusive monopoly of BDC, on the contrary they must be proud of this fact. In the last Asian Games in Guangzhou in the summer of 2010, Dancesport is a medal event. In terms of size, it is just one notch below the Olympic Games. To the detractors, sure Dancesport is not in the Olympics yet, but look at its progress, it certainly is going the right direction and credit must be given to IDSF for their effort.    
Bryan Allen and his council members has now really gone ballistic, they have posted in their web site calling for an all out boycott by their members or else face disciplinary action (Rule 57). (This Rule 57 and BDC notice dated the 8th of April 2011 will be the subject of discussion in my next posting.)   
Look at it objectively, how does it help English Dancesport by this unsporting conduct of BDC? Where is this clarion call of "FREEDOM TO DANCE" in Great Britain? Bryan Allen and council members, you have sowed the seeds of discontent by your call to pick a fight with IDSF. The soothsay who advised you must have read the tea leaves wrongly. The wind of change is blowing very strong and it may just turn into a hurricane to blow BDC into oblivion. Please think again!

*Great Britain is the 9th largest Island in the world. The Islse of Man and Channel Island are not part of Great Britain. - Wikipedia.                            

Picture: Snieguole Wood
From: Edward Burns []
Sent: Monday, 11 April 2011 8:46 PM
To: Snieguole Wood
Subject: RE: Crystal Cup on the 22nd May

Dear Snieguole

We, the British dancers thank you for your notice regarding the Crystal Cup.

As you mentioned yourself, we have the freedom of choice, but you can urge us not to attend this particular dance. How then, can you place a price on “freedom” when you threaten us with disciplinary action?

You mention that the competition is not run under British Dance Council rules, and therefore it is not recognised event in this country.

Let us show you an analogy, hopefully it could shed some light into this muddled mind of yours.

(1)  FIFA is the world governing body for football.  IDSF is the world governing body for dancesport.

(2) In the UK, the Football Association (FA) governs football regulations in England. Similarly, you claim that the British Dance Council governs rule of dance in the UK.

(3) By your statement, if FIFA hosts the World Cup in England, would the FA allow their footballers to represent England and take part in this prestigious event?  From what you are implying, even the FA is not allowed to support FIFA, and our British footballers (Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand etc) will face disciplinary action if they played in the World Cup?  Do you understand what you are saying?

Are you saying that an event organised or endorsed by a world-governing body, has to seek the permission of the local body to allow their athletes to participate? You, are implying that we British are above any World governing bodies.

It is people like you, that is the cause we last won the World Cup in 1966, thinking about our imperial superiority.  You should wake up, and see where we are now as compared to the other countries in terms of sports.

We hope, after reading this, you would walk along in Blackpool with humility for ever coming out with such a reason.  Where you walk, you never know whats being said behind your back.

Edward Burns.


Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 07:48:38 -0700
From: johnandsnieguole@yahoo.comSubject: Crystal Cup on the 22nd May

Dear English competitors,

You are all probably aware of the IDSF competition being held on the 22nd May, Crystal Cup.

I can not stop you to take part in any competition, as you have freedom of choice, but I can ask you and would in fact like to urge you not to attend this particular competition.

This competition is NOT run under British Dance council rules, and therefore it is not recognised event by this country. Beside that you all may occur some disciplinary actions if you participate at this event, IT is also preaching all historical and ethical rules of the Dancing in this Country.

I ask you all NOT to dance at this event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards
Snieguole Wood
Snieguole Mob:+447886225459

Monday, April 11, 2011

BDC - Picking a fight with IDSF?

Sometimes when we deal with issues, we have to be dispassionate and try not to get personal. Below is an email from a lady by the name of Snieguole Wood. In essence she is calling for a boycott of the Crystal Palace Cup competition on the 22nd of May 2011.From my last visit to the web site of the British Dance Council (BDC) she is not a member of the Board or a committee member of the Council.
We now know that this call of  Freedom To Dance by some of the dance body and endorsed by BDC is manifestly a myth in England. In my earlier Blog posting, I have shown that BDC practices double standard.
I also suspected that eventually BDC will call for a general boycott to all English dancers in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, I am hoping to see if they are going to issue an all out boycott. Their solicitor would have advised them that, to cause economic injury from a boycott, is an actionable Tort. The BDC can most certainly be sued for substantial damages for the harm that they cause as a result of this call for boycott. 
This impinges on basic Freedom of Association and it goes against the grain of the unwritten English Constitution. In the event BDC has given an all out boycott, they might as well inform their insurance company of a possible legal suit coming their way. 
Now is BDC resorting to using Snieguole Wood to do their bidding to call for a boycott of the Crystal Palace Cup 2011? I personally do not think so, however I feel it is time for them to come out and state their stand clearly and unequivocally.
In the event BDC endorses her call to all ENGLISH competitors, BDC must be sued.
Snieguole Wood appears as though her call to all English Competitors are done on her own volition. However it is obvious that BDC's dirty handprint are all over her.
You are not wrong to say that Snieguole Wood’s ranting is that of a woman who has gone barmy (as the English would put it). I would surely suggest that her husband Mr. John Wood, a fine English gentleman and an able coach, who has trained many IDSF athletes under him to either send her for a thorough medical check up or perhaps put a tight leash around her. I am not being unkind for I fear that many of the IDSF athletes training under John Wood may just desert him to find another coach.
Now are you convinced and persuaded that the British Dance Council are in a sad state of affair. 
Below is an email that is circulated, and I have no reason to believe that it is not authentic!  
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 07:48:38 -0700
Subject: Crystal Cup on the 22nd May
Dear English Competitors,

You are all probably aware of the IDSF competition being held on the 22nd May, Crystal Cup.

I can not stop you to take part in any competition, as you have freedom of choice, but I can ask you and would in fact like to urge you not to attend this particular competition.

This competition is NOT run under British Dance council rules, and therefore it is not recognised event by this country. Beside that you all may occur some disciplinary actions if you participate at this event, IT is also preaching all historical and ethical rules of the Dancing in this Country.

I ask you all NOT to dance at this event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards

Snieguole Wood
Snieguole Mob:+447886225459

Saturday, April 2, 2011

British Dance Council - Double Standard

I am indeed surprised by the contents of the letter below, what is more shocking to me is the letter comes from a Dance Body based in England. A country that have stood and fought many wars against tyranny and dictatorial regime. A country that gave the world West Minister Parliamentary democracy to many nations not only the Commonwealth.  A country that up holds basic commonsense and fair play.
Could it be true that the British Dance Council (BDC) that has endorsed WDC AL call For "Freedom To Dance" are now finding it hard to live by that slogan after all. Now the President of BDC, Mr Bryan Allen appears to be curbing this Freedom. 
He claims that acting on the instructions of the Board of Directors, BDC are asking Nick Kreminchenski and Olga Komarova to confirm that their "Crystal Palace Cup 2011 IDSF event will be held under BDC rules and not under any rules of any other organisation. Does that makes sense to you? An IDSF competition running under BDC Rules? I suppose a sane Englishman would say, what a load of poppycock. 
Before we get into the legality of the acts of BDC, you can safely assume that there is an underlying threat made by the Board of Directors of BDC against the organisers probably to scuttle the Crystal Palace Cup 2011, should the championship be conducted under IDSF regulations.
Two Rules were quoted; BDC Rule 82(b) and Rule 57, where the sanction is disciplinary action. This bunch of Merry Andrews comprising the Board of Directors may perhaps suspend the organisers or terminate their membership, but we know that by that same BDC Rules, BDC will put out a message to boycott the event. 

Are not the BDC being hypocritical, on the one hand they espouses "Freedom To Dance" but in the United Kingdom that Freedom to Dance no longer exists. This is a case of what is sauce for the Goose is not the same for the Gander. So I beg to ask what is so different about Competition in the United Kingdom that this Freedom to Dance concept is not applicable there?  BDC is behaving like the Orwellian "Big Brother" a veritable dictator and a pathetic school yard bully.  
BDC no longer have the moral or legal rights to criticize IDSF or any Dance body in the world for implementing their Rules. For a body that has existed since 1929, it is indeed sad to see it sinking into the gutter!