Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EADA says bye bye to BDC

By now you must have read in the IDSF or the ADSF website of the letter by the English Amateur Dancers Association leaving this supposedly neutral body the British Dance Council (BDC).
What is the big deal , if the amateur body leaves the BDC, just as many Grade A Dancers have left IDSF.
Most of you know that England is the home of some of the most historical and exciting Ballroom competition in the world. Mention Blackpool and you can see the twinkle in every dancers eyes to want to dance in the Empress Ballroom of the Winter Gardens. For goodness sake that Festival is running in its 86 years and if its a human you will call him an octogenarian.
Now if you were to Google EADA, you will know that first it is an amateur body for the English Amateur Dancers. This body is a member of the British Dance Council and also are friendly with the IDSF. Most of you would know that IDSF is very much European base. If you already read the letter of EADA saying good bye to BDC, you  note that BDC has acted unilaterally and this has compromised the principles of neutrality of BDC.
So what is it that compromised BDC? The problem I think lies in their policy towards IDSF and probably I feel that are moving towards the ' Freedom To Dance " concept. The English amateur body have a choice to join the freedom to dance that is promoted by Donnie Burns of WDC or to follow IDSF sporting principles.
Again I am telling you, if you look at Dancesport as an Art form, like great artist they do not like rules, they do not like to be controlled, then WDC is the way to go. Look at the biography of Vincent Van Gogh, a brilliant artist. He painted Starry Starry Night in an asylum, he cut his ears, his painting the Sunflower was actioned off in Millions. His painting even inspired Don McLean to write a ballad called Vincent. He committed suicide and died a pauper.
Okay so I am using an extreme example, but think about it, EADA feels that if it is a sporting body living by the ideals of the Olympic Charter, this Freedom to Dance is nothing but a pipe dream. If you have not read the letter go to www.idsf.net   

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Kid in the Block

There is a Chinese saying, that before you drink the water from the spring, it is wise to know the source of the water. In the Dancesport World you know that there are two bodies that are at logger head on their DanceSport policies. WDC openly promote the " Freedom to Dance" and on the other hand IDSF are looking it from the sports angle that to organise DanceSport as a Sport you need rules and regulations. Their argument is simple, just show me a sport that does not have rules and regulations. 
Take football for instance, if you know the history football. The game of football derive from rugby, when a group of students decided that thence forth , the hand cannot touch the ball and to be played only by the feet. So a group of people unhappy with the new rules decided to form the Rugby Union. 
You tell Sepp Blater (President of FIFA)  that you want Freedom to Football. Knowing Sepp Blatter he will probably shaft the football up your bottom at a place where the sun does not shine. 
Do not get me wrong I am not against WDC "Freedom To Dance", really it is a choice and if you feel that is the way for you and the IDSF way is too restrictive, please go. As an International Federation governing DanceSport and as a member of the IOC and OCA I need not go into details what sporting body does. 
People get upset when they want to have the best of both world and cannot do things their way. Now in Malaysia we now see that there is a new DanceSport body that claims to be an International Federation endorsing dancesport event. Is there a problem? Certainly there is no problem but basically when one endorse an event or a body seeking endorsement from this International body, you need to ask what are you endorsing in the first place? 
It got the curiosity in me tingling and I surfed the web to find more of this relatively new body formed in 1997, apart from the standard statement on goodwill promoting dance etc, I felt they have one good quality that even IDSF cannot beat. 
In the Frequently Asked Question what are the benefits of joing this International body: The Reply was and I quote it in italics:
There are tangible benefits, such as discounts on a variety of dance-related products e.g. shoes, costuming, CDs etc. and, indeed, it is quite possible to save the cost of membership on a single purchase of, say, a pair of shoes. However, these are secondary to the main benefit of being part of an association, which has the best interests of competition dancing at heart.
Now seriously I think IDSF have to buck up provide some secondary benefits like the above. Now I think I know why MYDF is losing out.
Again on a serious note I still cannot find the answer to the opening question. What is this International body endorsing to make it attactive to join this new kid on the block? All I know is that a Malaysian is  their International Director. His handsome face in there in all its glory for you to see. 
Now that is what I call Freedom to join! All I can say is good luck!