Monday, December 26, 2011

MYDF Final Ranking Championships 2010/2011

The Malaysian Dancesport Federation (MYDF) had their final Grade A ranking in Muar on the 23rd of December 2011. It was a happy event and the results to determine Malaysia Best Dancesport athletes for the Grade A Latin American and Standard will be decided at this final competition.
The 2 Grade A trophies are as appearing in the picture on the Left. The one on the left is the Standard and the one on the right is the the Latin American. Both the trophies were donated by the then Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports  Dato Wee Jeck Seng who personally donated his own personal funds to the then MPDC, now MYDF. MYDF came about 2 years ago when we were asked to change the name to reflect that the organisation will be managing both the Professional and Amateur event in Dancesport.
The Latin American section of the ranking series encountered some minor problems to some, but to MYDF , it is a serious breach of misconduct. It short the 1st Winner refused to return the Challenge Trophy to be given at the 2nd Malaysian Dancesport Federation Ranking to the Winner. I shall not go into the reasons but whatever reasons it may be, they do not understand the meaning of challenge trophy but decided to keep it as their own.
Be that as it may this incident serves as a lessons to all our MYDF dancesport athletes. Certainly it is nice to win and better still if you can be crowned the Champion and lift the Challenge trophy to acknowledge your ability. A challenge trophy means exactly that, you do not keep it permanently unless you are able to prove your worth by defending your Championship status in three championship.
As sportsmen we in MYDF expect a degree of honesty and integrity in our athletes, we do not want dishonest sportsmen in our organisation. What is the point of keeping the trophy when you live under a delusion that you are the best in Malaysia when in fact you cover you head in shame in keeping something that you ill deserve. It is not only shameful it is just plain dishonest. MYDF may be able to forgive such behavior but we will NOT FORGET.
The true champion in this season Championship is Chua Czen Fong and Evon Chong. They won two out of the three (3) Competitions. As Sports Director I regret and I apologise to this couple that we were not able to pass the challenge trophy to them at the 2nd Championship. However as a responsible organisation MYDF have to honour the contribution by the then Deputy Sports Minister YB Dato Wee Jeck Seng in getting another Latin American Challenge trophy done up.
As the National Sports Association (NSA) for Dancesport we are glad and proud to have such sporting couple to be a Champion. They are going to be the mentor to the younger couples in dancesport and I have spoken to Czen Fong on the values of good sportsmanship, honesty and integrity as a top athlete in Dancesport in Malaysia.
Czen Fong and Evon has dedicated their life in Dancesport, so dedicated are they that they left the shores of Malaysia to register themselves in a dance school in China that specialises in training Dancesport athletes. Their passion in dance and their dedication can be seen by their perseverance. Their results in the Asia Pacific competition are testimony for all to see.
What is store for our top couple? Well certainly they will represent Malaysia in all games that have dancesport and hopefully they can represent the country at the World Games and other Olympic Family Games.
Congratulation to both Czen Fong and Evon and again MYDF wish you well and personally as Sports Director I am very proud of your achievement . Yes Chua , you did ask me whether you can keep the trophy. I reconfirm that you can keep the trophy permanently for you are the over all Champion for the 2010/2011 Latin American Grade A Dancesport.
Look out for 2012/ 2013 I see many lean and hungry looks who are all out to not let you have an easy season. May the better couple wins.            

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ballroom Dancing reputation redeemed

When we do not know the person  we can write and give our opinion freely. I was told that the announcement has been made on the 21st of October 2011. The person involved is a person whom I am acquainted with. It is too painful for me to even mention his name but if you care to visit MDA  web site at at the news section it is all there. If you are unable to view it, I was told that you may have to disable cookies (whatever it means).  
A lot has been spoken in my Blog about Dr. Henry Ooi (pic) the President of Malaysian Dancers Association (MDA) however in this case I have to commend him for acting swiftly to restore the good name of Ballroom Dancing in Malaysia. Let me make one thing amply clear, MYDF and MDA may be promoting and looking at Ballroom dancing or Dancesport from different perspective. I personally have not even met the man before and never had the pleasure of being introduced to him, however his action has restored the name of Ballroom Dancing in Malaysia.
From what little bit I hear, I was given to under stand that a show cause letter was sent and the person concern did not turn up to state his position save that his explanation by facsimile and email was sufficient. Apparently the explanation is insufficient, a Disciplinary Committee of MDA was convened to investigate in the matter. The person concerned was again invited to appear before the committee to state his case, unfortunately he did not bother to turn up and further he did not even inform the committee that he will not be attending the meeting.
The Disciplinary Committee apparently must have sifted through the letters and documents before them, I believe there were about 10 disciplinary members. By a unanimous vote, the disciplinary committee came to the unfortunate decision to recommend his expulsion. The recommendation apparently were given to the General Committee of MDA (I think 15 of them) to make a final decision and again by a unanimous vote they affirmed the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.
What I was being told, that the President of MDA Dato Dr. Henry Ooi did not participate in the voting process but allowed the committee to decide independently, that I felt was a noble thing to do. Many questions were fielded and the General Committee were even given a lengthy coffee break to digest the matter. The rest as they say is history.
What took me by surprise me in this case was the fact that the decision is unanimous. No one spoke or mitigated for him? I think you the readers can come to your own conclusion as to the reason.
Perhaps one day I will have the pleasure to meet Dato Dr. Henry Ooi and as the Sports Director of MYDF, I say thank you Dato for clearing the name of DanceSport or Ballroom Dancing in Malaysia. On such matters regarding honesty, integrity and sportsmanship, we in MYDF hold such value sacred. I am glad that MDA also hopefully share such views, and athletes or adjudicators that cheat, conduct dishonest act and behaves in unsporting manner do beware. 
Now you may ask why I refuse to mention his name or do I fear I will be sued for defamation. No the news is already in MDA web page, I know and you know who it is, so what is the point of rubbing salt in open wound?
I know this man and I had the opportunity to work with him in several championships in the early days. He was never my enemy and if I chance upon him on the street, I will be glad to have a cup of coffee with him. This story is still not at an end, he still can appeal to the General Assembly of Members. On this note I wish him well and good luck.             

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thunders are Rumbling at Jalan York

These are all rumours and I get to hear all sort of rumours all the times, some are far fetch but many are worthy of further investigations.This information came from up North. There will be a high level meeting of all the top guns in the Malaysia Dancers Association soon. The rumours further went on to say that it has something to do with the Star Metro (Central Region) report regarding some International Dance Competition and the charity referred to in the news. (See my recent Blog postings).
However I also heard rumours that the organisers of that International Dance Competition has settled with the said charity and that everything is fine.
 So what is this big gathering at the headquaters of MDA. Perhaps the meeting is to clear the air that what was reported in the Star Metro are all untrue. Perhaps MDA are now coming out to stand by their member and make a statement to the press.
Whatever, I do hope MDA comes out strong and courageous to make a statement to clear the air so that the name of Malaysian Dancesport is free from this scandal. If indeed this is the case, then I commend Malaysia Dancers Association of clearing the air.
There are also rumours circulating that MDA has been directed to act on the matter at the instructions of World Dance Council.
I know that there are many readers from MDA who visit this Blog, perhaps you care to comment and confirm the truth of the rumours. In Malaysia , rumours are always 90% true!
We shall wait for the development.

p.s. The location of MDA headquaters is at Jalan York.                 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A scam by anyother name is still a scam

Dear Friends I do not read Chinese, but I noticed that the news that I blogged below also made it to the Chinese Press. I was informed that the Chinese Press is even more telling. Can any of you good soul summarise in a sentence what was written in the Chinese Press.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Charity Scam!

To members of the pubic, I would like to announce that the Malaysian DanceSport Federation (MYDF) or any of its members are not associated with this alleged International Dance Competition. 
We also would like to inform that as the National Sports Association (NSA) governing DanceSport we are a member of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) and the Asian DanceSport Federation. (ADSF). 
As a Sports body registered with the Sports Commissioner's office under the Sports Development Act, all international competition conducted in Malaysia will require the Sports Commissioner's office consent and knowledge. 
We have been approached by the Press to comment on the article. As far as we are concerned such allegation of using a charitable non governmental organisation to sell tickets is acceptable if the whole object of organising the competition is for a Charitable purposes. By that we mean all the proceeds after a proper audit is carried out on the monies received will be handed to the charitable organisation. 
However in this newspaper cutting this does not appear to be the case and it would appear that the organiser of the event are using the Charitable organisation to help sell its tickets. 
We would like to alert members of the public to be wary of such scams before parting with their money. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

ISTD now in cahoots with BDC ?

I was always under the impression that the Imperial Society  Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is an apolitical body. Notwithstanding the fact that they are based in England. But of late I believe and I may be wrong, ISTD seems to lean towards the policy of the British Dance Council (BDC). One such example is the British Dance Council Dress Code?
The ISTD just celebrated their 107 anniversary and they are very popular in Asia and has established themselves as a reliable examination body in this part of the world. With the conflict between WDSF and WDC and BDC, certainly siding either party will not be taken too kindly by the warring factions in Asia. They may even lose out their market share in this Dance examination business.
It would be good if the ISTD can come out and state whether they are an apolitical body or do they subscribe to the policies of the BDC, notwithstanding they are members of BDC.
Would the ISTD care to come out with a statement on their stand.

Olympic Council of Asia