Sunday, August 1, 2010

A new beginning

This is the new beginning for  DanceSport in Malaysia. On the 26th of June 2010 , the Sports Commissioner has decreed that the governing body for DanceSport in Malaysia is the Malaysia DanceSport Federation. It is regrettable that its forerunner the Malaysian Professional DanceSport Council (MPDC) have so many obstacles to over come from two Association that are not involved in Dance Sport at all but finally this issue now is put to rest. Effectively MPDC has lost 15 months and within that period we could have done a lot. We see no further need to harp on the past and like the proverbial Phoenix , we hope to rise and bring DanceSport to a new dimension in Malaysia. 

So what is MYDF and why MYDF? The short answer is all the acronym like MDF or MDC has been used by Macau Dancesport Council, Mongolia and Moldovia. It was decided that internationally MY has always been the abbreviation for Malaysia  apart from MR ( Malaysian Ringgit)  or MH ( International airlines call sign for MAS). Like it or don't like it MYDF is the name of this new body Malaysia DanceSport Federation. 

In line with the decision taken at the last IDSF meeting in Vienna in June, IPDSC has merged with IDSF and IPDSC is a division of IDSF regulating the Professionals. Likewise in Malaysia and like all IDSF members throughout the world this has taken place. One of the arguments tabled at the Annual General Meeting in Vienna that apart from the Professional Circuit where professional compete for prize money, the competition format of DanceSport is the same as amateur. In the Olympic Family Games there no longer exist a distinction that the competitor is a professional or an amateur. The athletes that represent the country can select the best from both. 

Please be so advised that this term DanceSport is a word coined by IDSF. It refers to what was known as Ballroom Dancing before, now in its sporting form is called DanceSport. Invariably if you see an event that uses the name DanceSport, chances are that event is an IDSF sanctioned event or if it is in Malaysia, an event sanctioned by MYDF. 

As at 1st August 2010, this Blog will be know as The Sports Directors Blog for the Malaysia DanceSport Federation.