Friday, April 23, 2010

MPDC Nation Ranking 18th April 2010

MPDC has just concluded the 1st National ranking for 2010 and we congratulate all the dance athletes that took part in this competition. This year we have fewer participants in ther Grade A National ranking in both Standard and Latin American but it is as expected.
We have given you the best of what Malaysia have to offer and we hope these athletes will one day represent the country in all the international games. As I have mentioned in this Blog before, only the best in Malaysia would dare to compete in the MPDC championships. Those who have turned professional we can understand for they are looking at dance and dancing as a career. As a professional they have to consider their rice bowl. To those who refuses to join the National ranking that is their right and previledge to do so. This is what I call freedom to dance and some would migrate to join the other dance body. But why ? Is the grass greener over the other side? Perhaps so , because if you dance in the other camp you stand a chance to be a champion. You know like they say, in the land of the blind the one eye person is king.
Just imagine competing with blind people and you emerge Champion, all this so that you can bask in the glory of reciving the first prize. Hey ! if that is how you like it , by all means go for it. In a competition  up north of Kuala Lumpur the Malaysian Amateur Closed is four (4) dances only. Man! you can be called a Malaysian Amateur Champion by doing only 4 dances that is if you can be the Champion. Go to Blackpool and compete in the Amateur Championship. You will be surprised to know that it is a 5 dance competition.
Our MPDC athletes are honoured to see a couple cheering our Grade A for they know that they do not belong to this league of MPDC Grade A.
What is sad is to see not a cripple body, but people who have a broken soul and their priorities are tangled up for they do not know where they are going. To the couple concerned good luck to both of you.