Sunday, March 14, 2010

MPDC National Ranking 2010

I have touched this subject before and sometimes I do not know why it is so difficult for people to understand IDSF policy as regards to dancing sanctioned and not dancing in non sanctioned competition. With the coming National ranking dance athletes and their parents have asked me time and again why is MPDC National Ranking so restrictive and open to only MPDC member.
Let me tell you about MPDC and how we view things, we are the National Sports Association representing Asian Dancesport Federation (ADSF) and the International Dancesport Federation (IDSF). As the National Sports Association naturally we have to follow what our International body tells us. In the event you are talking about Dancesport competition, just go to and you can find the Statutes regarding the running of IDSF competitions.
MPDC is organising a National Championship 2010. To join in the Grade A , you need to be a member of MPDC , if you think you can barge in and as a matter of right dance in the National ranking, I am sorry to tell you that this is not possible. Of late you would have noticed that MPDC is doing an exercise to carry out the IDSF RLS. What is this RLS? It is basically a registration exercise to identify all the IDSF grade A dancers in the world. We are given a pass word in the IDSF web site and we can update all our Grade A dancers there. This RLS system is for the protection and benefits of all IDSF dancing overseas. Go to the competition site and you know that almost every week there is an IDSF open championships in the world. Protection because IDSF will be introducing a compulsory insurance scheme for all its athletes registered under the RLS.   
Most parents and dancers think that Dancesport is a social avocation and like what Donnie Burns says , 'Freedom To Dance". They do not see it as a sport govern by rules and regulations. If you subscribe to that philosophy, I say good luck to you and no one is going to stop you to dance in any competitions that will accept you. However as a sport we have to regulate the sport with rules and regulations and we have to see compliance by Adjudicators , Officials and Dancers. What do I mean by that? 
How many of you have complained that a competition is not fair and the adjudicators favours a particular couple? Sure to have absolute fairness is not possible, take the last Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam, when Vietnam took the gold in Rumba there were complaints by an Asian Country above Malaysia saying that it is unfair , although all the adjudicators are from European countries.
In the MPDC  National ranking we have 7 adjudicators of which 4 are international IDSF adjudicators and the balance 3 are from Malaysia. In artistic sports like Dancesport it is essential that we try to organise the competition to "appear" as fair as possible. The 4 international adjudicator  are to ensure that that the majority result are from the international adjudicators and that the local have no complete influence. Yes noticed that I used and bold the word appear, for it is essential that it must be seen in the eyes of the General Public that the competition is fair. Other than that we do not know what is in the mind of the adjudicators. 

The heart and soul of any artistic sport competition are the adjudicators? Now if you are going to organise a competition, and you invite dancers to join in the competition, what is the 1st question that you are going to ask.? Perhaps what are the prizes but in Malaysia , you will probably ask who are the adjudicators judging the events? What are their qualifications ? Are they competent to judge you?
I know for a fact a particular adjudicator who openly make it a point to announce to his student that he admits that another couple is better than his couple but because that couple is not his student it goes with out saying he will favor his student. Now just pause and think do you and can you accept such adjudicator? Had he kept his big mouth shut, no one can say anything for we cannot see what is in his mind, but the minute he opens his mouth, he confirms that he is prejudiced and bias and not a fit and proper person to judge in any IDSF or MPDC competition. 
Another organiser of a Dancesport competition openly tell an adjudicator to mark a particular couple first, because he is a big sponsor in his competition. Now can you accept that ? To my mind such competitions that you go to are a waste of time, even if you come out first , you do not really know whether you win because you are really good or because some hidden hands decide that you should win.
So please understand this MPDC Grade A competition are open to all Malaysian, on the strict condition that they comply the IDSF competition Rules, the MPDC rules and regulations and that they must also comply with the Sports Development Act. 
Please take note that if you cannot comply with the above regulations, we have no problems with that and we wish you well in your dancing career, but do not jump and make a hue and cry if you cannot follow the IDSF rules and you are excluded in the MPDC competitions.

If you were to dance in a competition, you cannot say it is only club level, and the adjudicator decision is not important. Most parents says participation for the sake of participation and not competition. If you truly believe in that statement then I have nothing more to say. Do not complain at all and accept the results. When MPDC does a National ranking, it is essential that we try and have a level playing field so that all the athletes have a chance. We cannot pick any tom , dick or harry to be the adjudicator for the events. 
Please understand we do not restrict our athletes to dance or not to dance in any competition or for that matter our adjudicators too. In the event you want to dance or judge in an unsanctioned competition, by all means no one is stopping you. Just as no one is stopping IDSF from telling you nicely that since you are not interested to follow the rules of IDSF, then let us part company in a civil way.     
You chaps are all adults, you decide what is good for you , don't whine and grumble if you are not allowed to join an MPDC competition. 
A note: In the MPDC competition, in the event you have a complain on unfair judging, you first bring the matter to the Chief adjudicator for a decision. If you are not satisfied with the Chief Adjudicator's explanation, you are always encouraged to bring your grouses to the IDSF Sports Director Heinz Spaeker. That is your right!