Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tunku Imran on IF

The key note address given by the President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia ( OCM) Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja'afar at the Sports Asia 2009 forum in Kuala Lumpur recently reminded participants the importance of International Federation.
Tunku Imran made it very clear that International Federation governing the sports should play an important role in ensuring the development and growth of the sports under the respective National Sports Association governing the sports. He further went on to emphasise that it is a two way traffic , in that if the National Sports Association (NSA) benefits from the help it received from the International Federation, this in turn will also benefit the International Federation in promoting its sports. 
What was spoken and said by Tunku is certainly interesting, when we see the problems surrounding Taekwando where Tunku was the Chairman of the Pro Temp Committee taking over the duties of the NSA that is Malaysian Taekwando Association. Perhaps with the change of stand Malaysia Taekwando problem will come to an end and they will be admitted into SUKMA. 
Coming back to Dancesport, the International Federation governing the sport is the Asian Dancesport Federation and the International Dancesport Federation (IDSF). The Malaysian Professional Dancesport Council are admitted as members in both the bodies. 
MPDC did apply to join OCM last year, unfortunately their application was rejected because of the presence of MDSB. 
The question that needs to be asked is, will MPDC be able to join OCM, so that it can play its role as the NSA for Dancesport?    

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Asian Dancesport Federation

On the 8th of November 2009, at the Annual General Meeting in Hanoi, the President of Asian Dancesport Federation (ADSF) Mr. Keiji Ukai has moved a motion to admit Malaysian Professional Dancesport Federation as the Provisional member of ADSF. This is indeed pleasant news to hear that we have unanimous support by the other Asian countries.This news is carried at

With the confidence ADSF have in us, we want to reassure them that we will live up to the ADSF and IDSF principles and ideals in Malaysia. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all dancesport athletes. IDSF and ADSF are the international Federation governing dancesport that has been accepted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). 

With this responsibility, we also want you to note that MPDC membership is open to all Malaysian Citizens who are keen to participate in Dancesport following the IDSF ideals. Like in all organisation we have Rules and Regulations to follow and if you breach the rules, sanctions will be imposed against you.  We have gone through a lot of nonsense in our early formative days because we are not yet in ADSF. 

In the Asian Indoor Games recently, I would like to inform you that ALL the athletes are MPDC registered members. I would like to further inform you that MPDC has stamped and sealed the entry forms for the athletes and officials to the Hanoi Asian Indoor Games, without that, the athletes will not be allowed on the floor. 

You may be wondering why the strict compliance of the ADSF and IDSF Rules? Recently the international federation governing football,  F.I.F.A. banned Brunei and Iraq when the government and the national olympic committee interfered into the affairs of national sports association. As a result the country cannot send any teams to any international games. At the time of writing, Brunei Football team is out of the Laos SEA Games. Iraq can also forget about the Asian Games if the matter with FIFA is not resolved by then.      

We do not want this to happen in Malaysia and we will protect and stand by the IDSF ways and will not allow any interference by any bodies to dilute our impartiality in promoting Dancesport in Malaysia.     


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Results of 3rd Hanoi Asian Indoor Games

You can get the results of the 3rd Hanoi Asian Indoor Games at the ADSF website at .

The enclosed pictures are supplied by Etienne and Zenny a husband and wife Team.. Etienne used to partner Kathy and they were the top Latin American couple representing Vietnam. They were very active participating in the Asian circuit. The partnership broke up when Etienne married Zenny.

Of the 10 events both in Standard and Latin, Vietnam managed to get into the finals in 9 events. The even mananged to beat traditional power house like China, Japan , Korea and Khazakstan to take Gold in Jive and Rumba. Before you fly off the handle accusing that there may be unfair judging, I want to assure you that the judges selected are all from European countries and there are no Asian judges.

When the Games are held in their country, the home team have the addded advantage of the home support. Further Vietnam Dancesport Association did fly in top coaches to train their Team and they were preparing them even before the official announcement that Vietnam will be hosting the 3rd Asian Indoor Games.

OCM couples did not make it into the finals unfortunately, but whatever Malaysia was represented at the 3rd Asian Indoor Games.

In November 2010 is the Guangzhou Asian Games. This is the first time Dancesport will be featured in the Asian Games and I can assure you that China will be ready to take on Asia.