Sunday, October 25, 2009

Asian Indoor Games Vietnam

With the Asian Indoor Games just around the corner, I was informed that Anthony & Anita our Malaysian Top Standard couple has withdrawn from the Olympic Team.I am not quite sure of the reason, but I believe one of the reason is that they were not at all notified by OCM or the Team Mananger that they were selected until the last minute. Last Asian Indoor Games and SEA Games they went under category A meaning OCM pays everything, but now they are not sure if they go under category A,B,C,D or E. Anyway they were selected from the MPDC list and not from the MDSB list of the Melaka competition or the OCM trail list held in August 2009.

So how are the athletes selected for the OCM team? Ah! that is something you must ask OCM, but whatever it is based on fair play. So OCM have their trails. You may ask whether OCM has selected any from the OCM trials? The answer is NO! Now you see how confusing it is.

From this what can you make out of the OCM selection process? Now you have to understand that OCM follows fair play and Olympism and give opportunity for young dancers to represent OCM. Never mind if they are not properly selected, if OCM say they can go, they go. So in Standard event this WDC AL couple represent OCM. So on what basis are they selected? Again no one seems to know.

On the other hand, how did OCM selected the MPDC Latin couple, to go for the Games? I really do not know, but one thing is certain, all the Latin couples that took part in  the OCM trials were not  considered at all.

I can only guess that OCM have no choice but to select 2 MPDC couple to go for the Games because without MPDC endorsement OCM cannot get the WDC AL couple to go for the Games. A little confusing isn't it. Okay the long and short of the matter is, OCM have no choice but to select the MPDC couple as a gateway to go to the AIG because the technical rules of the AIG are govern by IDSF rules . Now do you get it!

People ask me what happen to those who responded to the OCM trails and came out 1st , 2nd and 3rd at the trails, why were they not selected and how come 2 couples from MPDC who never participated at the trails were selected? I suppose all of them are just misled. Were they told why they were not selected? No.

A word of advice to all who intend to go to the Asian Games , SEA Games and Asian Indoor Games. :-

a. It is true that OCM arrange the athletes for the Games;
b. It is true that they issue the accreditation card for the athletes and officials;
c. It is true that the OCM bosses will go and see you chaps perform and they have the right to comment on your performance;
d. It is NOT true that the Games are run by OCM rules;
e. It is NOT true that the technical rules are govern by OCA or OCM;
f. It is TRUE that the technical Rules follow only IDSF rules;
g. In the event there are conflicts between OCA rules and IDSF rules on technical matters, IDSF Rules applies;
h. It is TRUE that only MPDC can legally hold a National ranking competition, this is in the Sports Development Act;
i. It is TRUE that only MPDC have that right because they are recognised by the International Federation; and that is IDSF;
j. You can take part in any competition and dance your heart out but if that competition is not sanctioned by MPDC that competition cannot be considered as a ranking. They can call it by whatever name they want OCM trials , Ranking for Selection for Asian Indoor Games , nothing will happen if that competition is not sanctioned by MPDC;
k. What I write is all TRUE and all you need is check Section 34 of the Sports Development Act , the title says Use of recognised rules and guidelines for competitions says....

"A sports body shall ensure that all sports competitions and events authorised, conducted or participated in by it as well as those held under its auspices, are in accordance with the recognised rules and guidelines of all international governing and regulatory bodies for its sport in all matter . including the standard and qualifications of all participants and officials as well as the health ............." 

So now you understand OCM can say what they like and I can assure you OCM is not a member of IDSF , they are just like another Sports Body like MPDC. The WDC AL athletes are able to participate because if the MPDC athletes do not go, no one can go and OCM cannot do anything. Yes! it is a trade off for the love of the sport. Yes! we were critised by our actions but at least our athletes can participate.
l. True MPDC is part of IDSF,
m.TRUE MPDC follows the Rules and Regulations of IDSF; and if you say it is a political body, that is what you say and you are entitled to your opinion;
j. It is NOT TRUE that MPDC does not allow anyone to join our ranking. You can join but you have to be our member and abide by our rules. Just like if I were to go to your house I also must abide by your rules;

So if there a competition that say that it is a selection for Olympic Family Games, don't be easily fooled, check with us.

Finally don't feel bad if you are played out, you should have checked with us in the first place.