Friday, September 25, 2009

Olympian Team to Vietnam Asian Indoor Games

Okay there was a slight mistake, apparently the Team going for the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam is selected by the Olympic Council of Malaysia. They even have a "stylo milo" namer for this Team. Yeah! The Olympian Team or something like that.

Well whatever, at least Malaysia is represented in the 3rd Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam and for the love of Dancesport we wish all of them a Happy and fruitful outing.

I forgot to tell you that MPDC applied to join OCM but our application was rejected, so that is the end of the story and end of the road. You may want to know the reason why it was rejected? It is beacuse MDSB are still members of OCM, and the constitution say there can be only one member representing a sport. Oh ! but IDSF recognises MPDC but that is not important la in Asian Indoor Games.

Although MDSB membership has been revoked by IDSF, I think they are doing something about it. Seriously we wish them well and I hope all will turn out well. Then you may ask what will happen to MPDC? Aiyaa ! simple la see what IDSF say , if they say we move out of IDSF, we move out la. If they say we are suspended, we remain suspended la. If they say hang on, we hang on la.

Now those who want to dance in the Asian Games 2010 , go to OCM and ask them when are they holding the OCM Trials.

However if you are going to participate in IDSF competition come to us, we still have a function to play but must be member first and pay membership fee. Must also sign good boy or girl letter. Not easy for Freedom to Dance dancers where they subscribe to "macam macam dan apa macam pun bolih dance policy."

As for the 3rd Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam, only OCM have the power to let you go. Unfortunately MPDC have nothing to do with this Games or are associated with it. Sigh!

All the same we wish the Olympian Team good luck.

The picture is a flower with 5 red rings. Good luck ring la!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dancers and adjudicators

This topic that I intend to write about is not going to make me win a popularity contest. As a matter of fact some of the people will scorn at me and some may feel that I am breaking their rice bowl. I would like to discuss with you about dance teachers and dance athletes. First and foremost does a dance athlete who say represent the country automatically qualifies as a dance teacher? Are the Dance teachers qualified to teach students to dance the correct way? What then makes a qualified dance teacher? Now take note I am talking about Dance Athletes being dance instructors. Now we know for a fact that there are many teachers who does not have a certificate in dance arre excellent teachers and have produced good results. Such teachers willl have problems appling to be IDSF adjudicators.

Here I need to stray a bit to good Ole' England. English are good at lots of things and one of the most outstanding legacy the British left behind is the British style Civil Service. There are also bloody good at arranging things put them in order. Look even in Ballroom dancing, they managed to systematically lay out the medal test and have names for every moves in a Waltz or a Quick step. Most of you may have heard about the Imperial School of Teachers of Dancing that was founded in 1904 .

The Waltz steps that you dance today like the Basic Weave or Reverse Corte is More than a 100years old. Do you know that steps like the Open Telemark and Closed Telemark is named after a place in Norway. For that matter the term Corta Jaca in Samba have its origin to farmers working in the field using their heel to plant seeds. Try it and you know what I mean.

So what is my point. Okay here is my point , I heard an international adjudicator making a remark that some of the Dancers does not seem to know what are syllabus steps. What is even worst is a dancer who makes some fancy moves in a Beginners Competition dancing outside Syllabus steps are not even warned or disqualified. With this happening he strongly suspect that this state of affairs was allowed to perpetuate when the so call adjudicators themselves do not know what they are judging.

Sad is it not ! Now whose fault is it? You figure it out and don't you think something have to be done?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Guangzhou Asian Games

With the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam in 2009, and the acceptance of Dancesport into the Asian Games in 2010, there may be a likelihood that Dancesport will eventually be dropped from the Asian Indoor Games series. It is the wish of all Dancesport enthusiast and supporters that Dancesport be in as many Olympic Family Games as possible and finally one day we hope it will make it into the Olympics.

At the Annual General Meeting in Macau 2009, that was the aim of IDSF , to make Dancesport part of the Olympic Games. Compare to Golf or Rugby, Dancesport is relatively new, in the sense that it was only recognised as a sport in 1999. The term Dancesport (one word) is a newly coined term to described what was formerly called Ballroom. Not that the term Ballroom dancing has been dropped, in the social context it is still referred to as Ballroom dancing.

Okay a little trivia about the Asian Indoor Games. The Olympic Council of Malaysia will be sending four (4) couples to represent Malaysia in the 3rd Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi, Vietnam. Two couples for Latin American event and two couples for Standard permitted. The latest we were informed that Michael & Janet our 1st Latin ranked couple cannot go for the Games because Janet who is currently in England cannot make it back home for the Games. It would be good if OCM can consider sending the 3nd ranked couple Chua Czen Fong and Evon to replace them. All the same we wish them all the best and may they have a good time in Vietnam. The Asian Indoor Games is not an easy competition. We would be very proud of our athletes if they can make it into the semi finals.

Okay what I would like to tell you a bit is the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010. There will be a total of 10 gold medals in contention. The Games will be in November 2010. What I want to highlight to you is the arrangement of events in the Asian Games. It is a departure from the Asian Indoor Games in Bangkok 2005 and Macau 2007.

The 10 medal are as follows :-
For Latin , the 5 dance event, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive. For Standard the 5 dance event, followed by Waltz, Quickstep, Tango and Fox Trot. Notice if you will they have excluded Rumba and Viennese Waltz as a single medal event . However in the 5 dance event you still have Viennese Waltz and Rumba.

We will be discussing about preparation for Guangzhou 2010 and we need to have a plan if we are seriously going to Guangzhou. Malaysia will have to send the best Team and this call for sacrifice from the athletes. Our goal is very modest , just bring back a medal from the Asian Games. This will be a boost to dancesport for Malaysia.

We need to be noticed by the National Sports Council. In 2011 the next SEA Games will be in Bandung, Indonesia. In Indonesia, Team Dancesport Malaysia must bring back some gold medals. There is no if or buts and failure is not an option.
P.S. We understand that the technical committee of Dancesport is under the International Federation governing the sport , that is IDSF/ADSF. We are informed by ADSF that Malaysia have no representative in their organisation. The Olympic Council of Malaysia is sending a Team under their banner, we do hope OCM will pay for all their expenses or at least subsidise for the athletes.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

In Hybernation

Dear All,

This Blog is not dead or has gone dormant. It has gone into quiet hibernation. Come early Spring, it will Spring back to life.

The picture you see was taken in the morning when it was still very misty. You should see the Dancers they produce there.

Can anyone guess where is this place?