Sunday, November 4, 2007

SEA Games Category A Latin

There are further good news for Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 from the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). This is to confirm that Anthony Chua and Anita Tan, Michael Yong & Janet Gooi and Jonathan Fam & Therese Tan has been selected by the OCM to represent the country under Category A for the 24th SEA Games in Nakhorn Ratchasima in Korat, Thailand .

Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 went to the Macau 2007 , II Asian Indoor Games under category B. By that Team Dancesport Malaysia goes to the Games at their own expenses . In the Korat Games the above couples goes to the Games at the expenses of the OCM. The upgrading of Anthony & Anita was done at the recent meeting of the Board of Directors of OCM. This is a recognition by the OCM towards Dancesport and it is indeed a break through.

In substance this does not affect the other Team Members or should dampen their spirit. all the couples has proven themselves and had performed splendidly at the Macau Games. Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 will be heavily subsidising the rest of the couples to the Korat Games.

This is only a mere mention and an acknowledgment of the three(3) couples in Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007, nothing more nothing less.

Pictures above: Anthony & Anita, Michael & Janet , Jonathan & Therese.

Friday, November 2, 2007

24th SEA Games in Korat, Thailand

After the Macao Games, the athletes are back feeling very buoyant and more confident. Most of them had their medical check up done at the Institute Sukan Negara.

The competition format of the SEA Games in Korat is different from that of the 23rd SEA Games in CEBU. Our athletes will compete in the 5 individual dance events in the respective categories, Standard or Latin American. We have decided to send our three top athletes in Standard and Latin American and according to the SEA Games Federation Rules, each nation is allowed to send in two couples per event. There are no 5 dance event in the Korat Games unlike the Macau Asian Indoor Games.

For the training of the athletes, Team Dancesport Malaysia are bringing in Nikolay Voronovich from Russia for the Latin and at the point of writing we are negotiating with Benedetto Ferrugio for the Standard. The training emphasis will be in accordance to the SEA Games format. This is made possible from the funds generated from Got Rhythm? and on this note we would like to thank you the public for supporting our fund raising event for our athletes.

I woulds like to inform you that the Malaysian Supporters Club sponsored by Samsung Malaysia will be in Korat at the dance venue to lend support to Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007.

What are our medal chances? Let me be frank, the Thais and the Filipinos are a force to contend with so are the Vietnamese. Our athletes are prepared and by the time they are on the floor at the Vongchavalitkul Hall, they will be as well prepared as they can be. There will be no Clarion Call of "Malaysia Boleh!" at this juncture.

Our athletes do not need that, in quite contemplation before the Games they will prepare themselves mentally, when they burst on the floor with their routine, let the audience show their roar of approval.

We wish Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 all the best and Malaysia can only expect that you put your best foot forward.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Macau 2007, II Asian Indoor Games

The Team Manager George Tan said that this is a fabulous outing for Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007. We went with no expectations, not with the power houses of Dancesport in Asia is there. There were 18 countries and notably we expect China, Japan, Korea and Kazakstan to make a clean sweep in both the Standard and Latin event. This was indeed the case.

However we are happy that all of our couples on the floor did make it to the semi finals in all the events they took part in. The five dance event Anthony & Anita and Jonathan & Therese were in the semi finals in their respective Standard and Latin American event. Although they did not make it into the finals, none of the South East Asian countries also made it.

Casey & Fabiola our Standard couple could not make it to the floor because of injuries sustained whilst training. Fabiola injured her ankle in a collision with another couple in Kuala Lumpur. We would like to express our heart felt gratitude to Dr Miriam George who treated Fabiola in Macau, unfortunately the good doctor advised Fabiola to rest and continue her treatment at the Institute Sukan Negara.

George Tan the Team Manager and Peter Ong the National Coach were present to oversee the athletes training at the Macau Forum, the competition venue. George was there to video our athletes both Standard and Latin and gave his invaluable comments. Peter ensured that the athletes were properly warmed up before they go down the floor. Edna our chaperone was in action to ensure the group check in went smoothly, that the athletes have enough food and drinks at the Venue and to ensure that the athletes look their best before they go to the floor.

The main issue in this competition is the strict imposition of the IDSF Dress Code. No warning will be given and those couple who flout the dress code will be disqualified. George and Peter got all our Latin ladies athlete to bring out their costumes for inspections.

The athletes and officials in Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 knows their role at the Games and all of them contributed to the success of this outing.

We may not have brought home a medal, but the Macau Games was a bench mark in our preparation for the coming 24th SEA Games in Korat.