Thursday, October 18, 2007

Training at the Institute Sukan Negara

The 18th November 2007 is an eventful day in the Malaysian Dancesport scene. Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 went for their first evaluation by the Sports Psychologist and Sport Nutritionist at the National Sports Institute .

Let me make it clear that their preparation now is not for the Asian Indoor Games. It is actually for the SEA Games in December. The group in TDM spoke to the Sports Physiologist, who told them that it is not advisable to work on their fitness level with the Asian Indoor Games hardly 2 weeks away.

From the 1st of November onwards they will be put under the care of the conditioning specialist.

The question now that we need to address is what is the future of Dancesport and the Dance athletes in Malaysia. To train an athlete cannot happen in two (2) months or within a year. It is a long term program, by that the story does not end after the SEA Games. As a matter of fact the story continues and in actual fact the story is just beginning.

MDSB have to look at the interest of the athletes going to SEA Games 2009, now. A training schedule have to be formulated, a plan have to be in place now. It is essential to combine the dancing skills of the athletes with strength, speed and power and the best place to do this is the National Sports Institute. TDM 2007 have paved the way and hopefully others will follow the path.

What about the new professional body, the Malaysian Professional Dancesport Council(MPDC) I am sure if training the athletes and instructors are part of the agenda, they must come forward to look for a long term strategy for the future of dancesports.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Macau II 2007 Asian Indoor Games

Come 25th of October 2007 Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 (TDM) will depart for the Macau 2007 2nd Asian Indoor Games. TDM comprises 12 athletes and 5 officials as allowed in the technical handbook. For your information , there are altogether 12 events in the Macau Games. 6 in Standard and the other 6 in Latin American. There are 5 single dance event and one 5 dance event. Each couples are permitted to take part in three (3) events only.

I was informed recently that there are 17 countries through out Asia that will be competing in the Macau Games and the Dancesport Power houses are People Republic of China, Khazakstan, Japan , Korea and Uzbekistan. I was informed by All India Dancesport Federation that India will be sending their couples to the Games for the 1st time and they are all excited about it.

The couple that will be taking part in the Latin American 5 dance: Chun Wai & Yen Chin and Jonathan & Therese. Samba: Chun Wai & Yen Chin, Cha Cha Cha : Michael & Janet ; Jonathan & Therese; Rumba: Michael & Janet; Jonathan & Therese; Paso Doble: Michael & Janet; Jive : Chun Wai & Yen Chin

In Standard: 5 dance: Anthony & Anita; Fong Tuan & Alexa; Waltz: Anthony & Anita ; Casey & Fabiola; Tango: Casey & Fabiola; Fong Tuan & Alexa; Viennese Waltz: Anthony & Anita; Slow Fox Trot: Casey & Fabiola ; Quick Step: Fong Tuan & Alexa.

The Team Manager for TDM 2007 is George Tan , who is the President of Malaysian Professional Dancesport Council (MPDC) and the National Coach is Mr. Peter Ong.

To TDM 2007 to the Macau Games, we wish you all the best. We are fully aware that you will be pitching your skill with some of the best dance athlete in Asia, just do us proud in the Games and most of all enjoy yourself.

The Banner you see above is the TDM2207 for the Macau Games. Our athletes will bring and display our banner at the Games.