Sunday, September 30, 2007

Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007

In the late sixties Limbo Rock was the craze . The song and the Limbo dance was made popular by Chubby Checker (see Pic.). Part of the lyric to that song is "how low can you go".

A couple of days ago there was a Press report in the Star Metro on the Crystal Dancesport Championship in Shangri la where the organiser John Lim was quoted to have said: "The championship also serves as a platform for our selected dancesport athletes to prepare for the coming Macau Asian Indoor Games to be held from Oct 27 to Oct 29 and the Korat Sea Games in Thailand by competing with and guaging their performance against the world’s best dance athletes.” (quoted by John Lim).

I received many calls from people and dance enthusiast asking me what is MDSB going to do about it. I am actually quite amused by the whole thing , but many of you out there do not share the same view. First, only MDSB council members can only decide to act on the matter. Second the Malaysian Professional Dance Council (MPDC) Mr George Tan in his capacity as Team Manager of Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007, has come out with a statement. This will be carried on MDSB web page soon. I may carry it on my blog.

Now all of you may know that the Crystal Dancesport Championships at Shangrila was first advertised to be an IDSF endorsed championship and they are suppose to hold an IDSF Open. This status was changed over night into a WDC championship, without anyone in MDSB being informed. Now all of you know that to link the Crystal Dancesport Championship with the National athletes with the highlighted statement above is misleading the public and an outright lie and a shameful act.

What then is the measure of a man's honesty and integrity ? If a Limbo Rock Championship is the measure of a man integrity, I doubt there is anyone who can go any lower. As for honesty, you decide.

We will wait for MDSB statement if at all there are any.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007

Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 with the help of many dancers from various school have completed Got Rhythm? .

This is unprecedented in the Malaysian dance scene because we have 4 dance schools in Malaysia who has agreed to pool their resources to put on a show for our Malaysian Dancesport team. It is only proper that I convey my thanks to Mr. Peter Ong, Yukiko Hori, George Tan, Lee Yip Seng and Chew Lai Yong the choreographers.

What is even more remarkable is the fact that the audience cut across the Board and almost who is who in the dance circle were present. When they are on the floor dancing away, it matters not your political inclination or affiliation.

To all those who have been following the international dance scene in the World and Asia, the International Professional Dancesport Council (IPDC) have started their professional series and words have it that in August 2008, in conjunction with the 2nd KL International Dance Festival, there will be a professional competition coming up. What is incredible is the fact that it is open equally to all Grade A and Professional dancers. The future direction would appear a fusion of IDSF and IPDC working together hand in hand.

So what do you think of Got Rhythm? Even if it is good or bad keep it to yourself, for Got Rhythm? is one of its kind and it is done with. I however have 2 comments one is from Dato' Sieh Kok Chi who rated Got Rhythm 9 upon 10 for events organised in the OCM Hall and the other is Datuk Dr. M. Jegathesan who enjoyed the evening thoroughly and has asked that he be kept informed if there is a similar event.

Most of all the credit goes to all of you who have supported Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 and from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

John Fam
Got Rhythm?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Malaysian Professional Dancesport Association

Committee Members,Members and Legal Advisor of
Malaysia Professional Dancesport Association (MPDA)

31st August 2007

Dear all,
Update and Report on MPDA

Since the first Protem Committee meeting held on 31st May 2006, much water had flowed under the bridge, so to speak. After that inaugural meeting, the subsequent meeting was not held due to various reasons and circumstances which at this point are of not much use to discuss and dwell on. We had better move on and look forward. As President, elected at that inaugural Protem Committee meeting, I take the responsibility to continue to manage business and objectives of this organization. Please accept my sincere apologies for any shortcomings for the moment.

I would like to present a report and thus keep you all updated on the position and direction of MPDA in respect of the follow subject matters.

1. Asian Professional Dancesport Council (APDC)
The APDC comprising representatives of the respective professional organizations from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China was formed in 25th August 2006 with Shawn Tay (Singapore) as President and Mr. John Lim (Malaysia) as General Secretary and myself as Council member.

APDC Members come under the International Professional Dancesport Council (IPDSC) which is formed on 9th June 2007 in Barcelona with Mr Peter Maxwell as the President. More information on the IPDSC can be found in its homepage,

Similar with other countries, Malaysia through MPDA is now accepted as provisional member until the next IPDSC Meeting in 2008 where ordinary membership shall be granted on a country by country basis. At large, the IPDSC works closely with the International Dancesport Federation (IDSF) in spirit and objectives. Thus it is an understanding, as of the moment, dancers are allowed to participate in both APDC/IPDSC and IDSF events concurrently, until further notice. IDSF and IPDSC are also working together in the lobby for Dancesport to be in Olympics.

It is our belief that members and prospective members can see for themselves the stature and prestige of IPDSC, APDC, MPDA and IDSF. Those who have fervent interest and involvement in Dancesport should be able to weigh the pros and cons in this respect.

2. Participation of MPDA in APDC/IPDSC events
Since 2006, several of Malaysia dancers have participated in APDC/IPDSC events. In 2007, there are four APDC events held, in Singapore, Shenzhen, Korea and Taiwan. In Singapore in April, Anthony Chua & Anita Tan were there. At the IPDSC Asian Championship in Shenzhen in July Anthony Chua & Anita Tan, Benedict Lau & Jovienne Ee and Francis Hoh & Maggie Sau participated with encouraging results. For the coming IPDSC Open in Korea in September, Benedict Lau & Jovienne Ee will be participating.

Originally there was supposed to be five APDC events scheduled for 2007 and you will know why it becomes four after reading the next item.

3. Mr John Lim resigns as APDC General Secretary
In overview we are moving progressively, but unfortunately we encounter disruption to the normal order of things. Mr. John Lim did not attend that Barcelona meeting on 9th July 2007 and about the same time, we learnt that his October event which was hitherto billed as IDSF/IPDSC/APDC event was suddenly changed to be promoted as “WDC event”. Later, he also submitted his resignation as APDC General Secretary which was duly accepted by APDC.

This means that Mr. John Lim is severing ties with IDSF/IPDSC/APDC and aligning himself with WDC. By disassociating himself from IDSF/IPDSC/APDC, ipso facto, he is withdrawing from MDSB/MPDA at national level. While it is with much regret to have Mr. John Lim abruptly parting ways, we wish him all the best in his future endeavour.

4. Status of MPDA vis-à-vis APDC
Following no call for second MPDA meeting and the above development, in July, I requested for Mr. John Lim to brief me on the status of MPDA and to forward me all available documents pertaining to MPDA. I wanted to gauge the situation of the MPDA status prior to the 2nd APDC Committee Meeting held on 25th August 2007 amidst the resignation of Mr John Lim from APDC. However, I was only given the documents after the 2nd APDC Meeting.

Nevertheless, I attended the 2nd APDC Committee Meeting and since MPDA Vice President Mr. Chester Lim who was also in Singapore for the 20th Lion City Dancesport Championship, at my behest, he also attended.

At that meeting, I would like to make it known that we were feeling let down by Mr. John Lim`s departure from APDC. It was embarrassing for me because back in 2006, I had supported and lobbied for him to be APDC General Secretary. Somehow the APDC members showed magnanimous understanding of my predicament in these circumstances and at that 2nd APDC meeting, they unanimously voted that I fill the position of APDC General Secretary until the next election. It is encouraging to note that despite what happened, the APDC members still exhibit the esteem and trust for Malaysian officials. It is an honour to be given the opportunity to serve at that level and this augurs well for Malaysia Dancesport too.

5. Status of MPDA – Where do we go from here?
Five days after the APDC 2nd Meeting, on 30th August 2007 I received the MPDA documents and was told by Mr. John Lim that as the MPDA is not registered yet, to quote him, “many of them (referring to all of us) wanted to pull out as listed”. I reserve my judgement and call on this. Probably, there may be a few who wants out but there are also many who want to be in. Whatever it is, we understand and respect the wisdom of all to make their own choice. Where this is concerned, we can only assess and confirm by the time we convene the next meeting.

Just as we are setting up the foundation stone, why should we abort the whole project? This is the last thing on my mind. Whatever it is, it is our duty to continue our work within MPDA and I would appeal to those who share the same ideals to work together.

6. MPDA – Action Items
Thus, a meeting will be called to continue where we have left off as far as MPDA is concerned. In the meantime, I will follow up on the matter of MPDA registration and try to resolve a much as I can. And, we have to resolve the issue of getting someone to fill up the position of MPDA Secretary General vacated by Mr. John Lim. As soon as things are more settled, I shall call for the 2nd MPDA Committee Meeting and you will be duly informed. In the meantime, please feedback to me your suggestions, if any or if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and we look forward to working together to promote MPDA, its goals and its objectives.

Yours truly,

George Tan