Friday, August 31, 2007

Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007

Come 25th October 2007, Team Dancesport Malaysia 2007 (TDM2007) will be leaving for the Macau II Asian Indoor Games, an event organised by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). In the 1st Asian Indoor Games in Bangkok in 2005, there were no Commercial Guidelines to restrict the athletes in wearing the sponsors logo. This time the OCA has decided to enforce such rules strictly.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia told all the sporting bodies that we have a choice to participate or not to participate in the Games. As sporting bodies most of us decide to participate in the Games, but the regulations on sponsorship came a little too late. Our regular sponsors were told of this new development and the rest is history. We do not have sponsors.

It was at the suggestion of Dato' Sieh Kok Chi who came up with the idea that perhaps TDM 2007 could have a Dinner & Dance to showcase our Grade A Dancers and perhaps raise some funds for the Team. That was how GOT RHYTHM ? was conceived.

Invitation cards were printed and the response was fantastic. Although there are still a few tables left, it is only proper for me to thank all dance school and supporters not only in the Klang Valley but through out Malaysia for their encouragements and support.

You may then ask what is Got Rhythm? and what is so special about it. For starters Got Rhythm? is to showcase TDM2007 to the OCM Executive Board and to you. Almost all of you have seen our Grade A athletes doing the competition routine. They are exciting but as Dance athletes, do you not think that the question that begs to be asked is "So we know you can dance but can you entertain as well?"

The instructions placed to the Grade A athletes is simple . Entertain and impress the audience. There will be 3 shows by our Grade A athletes. Mr. George Tan of Yih Chyn Dance Studio, the trainer of Anthony Chua & Anita Tan, from Kluang will present an event with supporting dancers from Johor and East Malaysia. Much as I tried to persuade him to reveal a little, he refuse to divulge anything , even under torture.

Casey & Fabiola, Jonathan & Therese and Fong Tuan & Alexa and a host of other dancers will present a Jive routine. Their choreographer is Mr Peter Ong of The Dancespace. Costumes are already booked for the dancers and according to Peter Ong, it is high time that the Malaysia public acknowledges the fact that we have very talented young people in Dancesport.

Michael & Janet will be accompanied by 3 other couples. They will present a show choreograph by Yukiko Hori San of Dance Express. Again this is all under wraps to showcase to you on that day.

I have no recollection of such event ever happening where we get all our Grade A dancers under one roof to do a show dance. If indeed this is the first time, you will be witnessing history in the making and if it is successful, who knows there may even be another Got Rhythm II ? in 2009.

TDM2007 may be raising some funds, but be rest assured that they will not cut corners to make this Party to look cheap. The sound and lighting are given a sizable budget to transform the OCM Hall into a Ballroom par excellence. For starters OCM flourescent light will be shut off and taken over by the lighting experts.

There will be the formal part of the evening of the Flag Handing ceremony by OCM to our Team Manager and speeches will be kept to a minimum. After that it is party time and all our Grade A Dancers will be approaching you the audience to dance with them. The Dress Code for the evening is FUNKY!

The selection of the music will be across the Board to cater for all. Ballroom music may dominate the evening but the Salsa, the Poco Poco, Canto pop, Disco, Rock & Roll and even twist music will be featured. How many of you know or can recall Off Beat Cha Cha and Square Rumba or Limbo Rock?

Thank you and see you on the 23rd of September 2007 at the OCM Hall.